Thalia (USA)

(New Jersey, USA)

1st: English
2nd: Japanese, French

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Writing stories, playing video games, bike riding, improvisational theater, learning new languages and singing

Dear Customers:
Hello! My name is Thalia and I originate from the North Jersey/New York City area. I’ve studied Japanese since the age of 10, and majored in both the language and culture at Oberlin College. I arrived in Japan back in 2013, and have really become used to the environment. I’m also a published writer, so if you need help with letters, essays, I’m the person for the job!

サリア(米) 英語‐日本語バイリンガルアドバイザー

Dear International Friends:
My goal in life is to spread knowledge, understanding and creativity through my communication skills and writing. Also, I want to encourage people to never give up on their aspirations, no matter what obstacles may appear in their way.

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